Top 5 Laravel Packages for 2024

Top Larvel packages that you should know and use in 2024 for efficient and fast apps.

3 min readMar 21, 2024

The elegant and expressive PHP framework Laravel keeps enabling developers to swiftly and effectively construct complex online projects. Like any great tool, though, its true potential lies in the ecosystem of other applications that it supports. It might be challenging to select the right bundle with hundreds to pick from. We’ve compiled a list of the best 10 Laravel packages for 2024 that will help you navigate this complicated world and meet a range of needs and development stages.

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Laravel Sanctum (Authentication)

Any application requires secure user authentication. Laravel Sanctum is an API-based authentication system that is both easy and powerful. Sanctum integrates neatly with Laravel’s user and authorization systems, allowing you to construct secure APIs quickly and easily.

Creating an API token for a user, for example:

$user = User::find(1);
$token = $user->createToken('my-api-token');

Livewire (Interactivity in real time)

Forget about page reloads and cumbersome forms! Livewire adds real-time interactivity to your Laravel applications. Create a current and seamless user experience by updating your UI as users interact without leaving the page.

Making a real-time counter as an example:

// Counter component
class Counter extends Component
public $count = 0;
    public function increment()
public function render()
return view('counter', ['count' => $this->count]);

Laravel Maatwebsite Excel (Import & Export):

Working with spreadsheets in Laravel should be straightforward. Maatwebsite Laravel Excel makes it simple to import and export Excel files, edit data within them, and even create new spreadsheets.

Exemplification: When exporting user data to an Excel file:

Excel::create('users', function ($excel) {
$excel->sheet('Users', function ($sheet) {

Laravel Spatie Queues (Background Jobs):

Long-running operations might stifle the performance of your application. Spatie Laravel Queues allows you to offload such activities to the background, ensuring that your application remains responsive while asynchronously processing hefty jobs.

As an example, consider dispatching a job to handle emails:

Queue::push(new SendEmailJob($user, $message));

Laravelizer (Automatic API Generation)

Laravelizer is a Laravel package that analyzes current route definitions and creates API documentation, controllers, and configuration files automatically. This saves you time and effort by eliminating the need for manual code, boilerplate generation, and API design documentation.

For example, Consider a Laravel route that retrieves users based on their ID:

Route::get('/users/{id}', function ($id) {
return User::find($id);

For Laravel developers looking to build APIs fast, effectively, and with the least amount of labor, Laravelizer is a game changer. It is an invaluable tool for every Laravel project that needs API access since it removes tedious processes, enhances code maintainability, and offers consistent documentation. So, it’s worth looking into Laravelizer if you want to expedite and save time on your API development process.

In this story, we have covered most useful and easy to understand laravel packages that you can also use in your apps to increase efficiency and productivity in 2024, you can get to know in detail about these packages in their official documentation or can leave a message to me I will share a detailed tutorial how to implement these packages easily in your ongoing projects.

Happy Coding!

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